Two Few - Dreamin' (2020)

"'Dreamin'' is the new single from Phoenix Arizona's 'Two Few'. It's an infused piano-rock exploration of momentous qualities.

The track starts off and immediately we're sucked into a world of nostalgic dimension. The electric guitar riffage coincides completely with the mellow melodic keys. The neo-country vibe gives an impression this track would suit a satire movie perfectly.

The strong, abrasive vocal delivery is concise and clear. The vivid lyrics provide an infectious tale of a girl with dreams of a big city. Vocal style is similar to Duke Daniels or Bebe Rexha with more of a kick. The chorus of 'Dreamin'' is an infectious, bold energetic statement with memorable equity. The hook after the chorus provides a soundscape echo of the girl the song is recalling.

To the listener 'Dreamin'' is a choral ear worm and is simple to listen to on many levels. The musicality is enjoyable and very tight, the production is stellar and sharp. Bound for a lot of radio play and popular opinion.

You can download the single 'Dreamin' from the 'Two Few' music website for free, for a limited time only. Expectations are set high for future releases from 'Two Few'."

By Pretty Misery 8/12/2020

Binary Drift - The Guilded Age (2020)

"The Guilded Age' is the new single by Madrid-based songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren A.K.A. ‘Binary Drift’. It's an alluring ballad of melancholy descent.

Beautiful delicate guitar fingerpicking starts the track off and invites you into a passionate soulful performance. The vocals are clean, approachable and there is a smooth quality to Mauricio's voice which leaves a pleasant impression for the listener. Vocal melody and style is reminiscent of an acoustic 'The Used' track or 'Bright Eyes'. The instrumentation is colourful and elegant. The piano line accompanies the guitar and voice entirely.There is also a kind of 'Beatles' feel to parts of the track which gives the song magical properties.

Lyrically it's very creative, the song follows a story of leaving the past behind and moving forward into a more meaningful, purposeful light without any wrong doings. Poetic and, strangely, optimistic at once. Inciteful to 'Binary Drift's inner psyche.

The turns and shifts in music are inventful and each section builds and descends cohesively. We're led through an adventure of acoustic songwriting, considerate drum build ups, easy on the ear chorus' and a nice rock guitar solo and 'Hey Jude'esqe mantra at the conclusion of the track.

Overall there is a hybrid of musical styles involved, but they're blended into the exquisite 'The Guilded Age'. A catchy ensemble of comprehensive proportion. Definitely worth checking out the debut album 'Pocket Tunes'. We end on the lyrics 'silence is a gift'."

By Pretty Misery 8/12/2020

Hyde Out - Smoke And Mirrors (2020)

"'Smoke And Mirrors' is the second album from London based duo 'Hyde Out' released on 'Toxic Fumes Records'. It's tinged with creativism and intriguing melody throughout in a variety of musical styles gelled together to make something interesting and unique.

The opening track 'Alive' is an inviting uplifting piece which at first, sounds like a cross between Coldplay and XTC's 'Dear God'. Lyrically it's a clever storytelling piece which has twists and turns bound to keep the listener interested. The sizzling snare beat provides a subtle crescendo to the very catchy chorus. Accomplished soulful harmonies give the track deepness and follow the journey perfectly. A perfect opener to the album.

'Wide And Bright' starts off with infectious keys and punchy vocals, a catchy string-a-long vocal melody. Poetic words paint an artistic, vivid picture for the listener to enjoy alongside the contagious odyssey of this track. There's a memorable atmosphere about 'Wide And Bright'.

The 3rd track on the album 'Move It' has a deeper richer vocal which shows the vocalists versatility. It's a more modish/upbeat track than the previous two. It's a feel good track which would be welcomed at a summer poolside party. The funky keys and give it a real dance, and almost electro, vibe. 'Move it' does what it says on the tin, gets you to move it, whilst being supplied with a comfortable ambience to do so.

'Ode to J' has more of a folk feel with hints of Bob Dylan and The Beatles. There is a darker feel to the lyrical content of this song, moodier but cool, delivered in a professional manner. The swing beat and spanish-like guitar solo provide an intense middle 8, very tight. Has a Kinks feel with a modern attitude.

Then we're introduced to the semi-dramatic 'Welcome', which starts off with breathy-like vocals but then transported into musical-like storytelling. There's something a bit Queen-like about the track, probably the classic rock sounding guitar (and the odd shred), but it all pays ode to the song as a whole. Again we have Take That-like harmonies and backup vocals which compliment the narrative incredibly.

The title track 'Smoke And Mirrors' is poised with infectious guitar and an abstract bossa-nova type beat which brings a varied assortment to the collection. The best track of the album so far. Powerful vocal delivery makes this track epic along with the instrumentation. Energetic punchy rhythms buildup the piece and give this the blow it really needs. Similar vocal style to Gotye which is very effective.

'Make my day' is a pulsating indie/semi electro anthem with bright clear vocals and complimentary guitar. Chorus is full of power and this mid tempo piece. We have a skilled stadium guitar solo worthy of a huge live production. Traces of One Republic or Twenty One Pilots definitely. The trance hypnotic aesthetic of 'Make my day' really leave a memorable and adhesive impression.

Up next we have 'Fluent in silence', another folky dark tale. A good track to fall into after the industrious 'Make my day'. There's an intellect in the buildup, it turns from folk sounding to a disco beat, who would've thought you could do that?. Nevertheless, the chorus is the highlight of the song, I would imagine this would be great towards the end of a live performance. But it works great as track 8 on 'Smoke And Mirrors'. The wonderful slide guitars are almost country and pay a varied homage to the genre.

Then we start with a duo guitar off on 'Meadvale Road'. With creative palm muted and open chords at once. It starts with a reminiscence to Fleetwood Mac or Mumford and Sons with the bold bass drum, but then we're taken through a journey of pungent drum fills and different drums paces throughout the song which structure it perfectly and give it purpose. It's a progressive track and, again, the storytelling is imaginative and inventful.

The next track's guitar sound begins with a lofi Johnny Cash-feel to it. In 'Island sunshine' we're introduced to a neo americana/country vibe. Recollections of The Coral for this track definitely, especially the backing vocals, and "Penny Lane" is mentioned in the lyrics. The chorus sends the message of the song, and the block beat provides an adverse landscape for this. But musically it's everything else that really makes 'Island sunshine' the most addictive song on the album.

'Derelict' in an alluring campaign which opens with an almost Jeff Buckley guitar, bass and drum style. Then we have a heroic guitar line which is smooth, orchestrated and wouldn't be out of place on a Pink Floyd album. Vocals are abrasive and fearless. There's an auratic calmness throughout and there is an eclipse of emotion through the assonance expression. 'Derelict' gives nods up to the duo and their collaboration, this could easily be a full band composition with the amount of detail demonstrated in the fills and licks.

The final track of 'Smoke And Mirrors' is 'This looks like'. It's an off-kilter compared to its predecessor. A prediction of things to come in the future for 'Hyde Out'. Here we experience more hard-rock based guitar, but with a contemporary vocal sound, and noxious synths. This is the part of the movie we are attempting to figure out the twist. A very futuristic sounding conclusion to the collection which is very inviting.

Overall, 'Smoke And Mirrors' is a varied collection demonstrating musicabilty, catchy songwriting and diversity. Strong vocals and character, skilled musicianship. We're transported through subgenres and mood enhancing melodies and aesthetics. Production is very complimentary and every track is catered for specifically. Song craftsmanship and storytelling are highlights of the album and each song is like a chapter in a book.

'Smoke And Mirrors' tells a story of its own, of a band progressing through pop-like vocal harmonies and acoustic/ballad sounding ensembles to experimental guitar based progressive rock with hints of electronica. Well worthy of a focused thorough listen, expect a lot more from this talented London duo."

By Pretty Misery 3/12//2020

Raymond Revel - Empty (2020)

"'Empty' is the latest single from Burbank, California's Raymond Revel. It's a light excursion which starts off with an addictive vocal earm worm, which is reciprocated throughout the track in different curves as a chorus. It's an enchanting and mysterious journey. Raymonds voice is cute, delicate and sweet to listen to. His voice resonates and is pleasant too. There are echoes of The 1975 and maybe some Cee Lo Green vibes. Albeit, Raymonds music is organic, authentic and meticulous.

The start of the story is the verse, the music here is simply a bass kick and a snare, and we are introduced to some soothing incandescent synth sounds as the track and the story builds up. The bridge leading up to the chorus is delightful and exquisite, it's my favourite part of the track. Lyrically, there are creative metaphors throughout the ensemble, and they are incorporated into melancholy vocal melodies. Overall an impressive effort and definitely radio bound. Check out Raymond Revels websites for more news"

By Pretty Misery 13/2/2020

Kolby Knickerbocker - Alright with me (2020)

"Folk singer-songwriter Kolby Knickerbocker has just released his new single 'Alright with me'. An instantly relatable acoustic song. Immediately we're introduced to a bright, professional guitar hook which wouldn't be out of place in an Ed Sheeran song. Kolbys voice then enters the picture, his tone is natural, textured and gentle. Perfectly demonstrating the pureness of this song, which is an ode to his daughter and how she gives him a sense of purpose and well being. His voice is integral and I can hear some Bon Iver at times.

Overall, 'Alright with me' is a heartfelt configuration with widespread appeal. It is a live recording, recorded in one take, which is quite hard to believe as the standard is excellent, proving Kolby's authenticity and capability. The production is sparkling and simple all at once. The guitar work seems a cross between Ben Howard's 'Only love' or José González's 'Heartbeats'. We hear tenacious fingerpicking and subtle slide guitar. You can find more information and news on Kolby's websites."

By Pretty Misery  13/2/2020

Jubilee - Peaches (2019)

"'Peaches' is the latest single from Jubilee. A 'neo-baroque alternative pop' song with a dark, exotic feel. The track's atmosphere is set straight away with a mysterious intro, where I can hear something being lit up, then I realize what it is. The listener is then transported into a moody dance cosmos where 'rhythm' is of the essence. There's a samba/bossa nova element to the composition which opens up the listener environment as Jubilee incorporate their roots. Whether it's to cavort, physically express yourself to the music or appreciate on a listening level.

The vocals are warm, rich and voluptuous. Crystallizing together with the primitive vibe of the track. They could be compared to 'paradise era' Lana del rey or Lorde. But they are fresh and organic also. It's a patrimonial anthem. 'Peaches' is infectious and hauntingly catchy, once you've heard it it will leave its own print on your subconscious and you will keep wanting to revisit. "

By Pretty Misery 13/2/2020

WinkLoveLoss - The Renaissance EP (2020)

"Mojo Mayne's new band 'WinkLoveLoss' have recently released their 'The Renaissance' EP. The EP opens with a familiar sounding bass and drum musical mantra in 'All this love' which is an excellent and appropriate opener. I imagine this would be an excellent crowd pleasing opener for a live show also. 'Wrapped in black' includes some moving vocal harmonies in its chorus, which are audibly very aesthetically appealing. 'Weirdo', the third track, displays the band's wide capabilities, it's a kind of grungy/punk/indie crossover, which could catch you by surprise. It's an expressive song about not being 'figured out' by the masses and the sound of the track fits this hook perfectly. Other highlights include 'Joker', which includes some ripping riffs and powerful vocals, and 'Watchtower' which sends 'The Renaissance' up to melodious armageddon.

The EP in full is a must listen. Mojo's lyrics are sophisticated and intriguing. His voice is diverse, passionate and powerful all at once. It's assertive, divergent, and he can certainly belt it, when needed, with ease. The band are tight and style wise very dynamic, quite 'metally' at times, they gel together to create an interesting, unique voyage. "

By Pretty Misery  12/2/2020

Julianna Joy - Cherries EP (2020)

Release date : 14th Feb 2020 midnight EST

Spotify Link

JJ's website

JJ's Facebook

"Julianna Joy's forthcoming EP 'Cherries' is released on 2.14.2020. It's an attractive, admirable effort which is instantly outstanding. I'm immediately drawn to Julianna's vocals, they're mellow, sultry and charming. Rapidly alluring and subtle at the same time. There's a unique, talented quality to Julianna's voice.

The opening track 'nevermind' is an impeccable invitation to the EP. It starts off with a Fleetwood Mac-like vibe, with a modern contemporary feel to it. Keeping your attention to the narrative of the song, the chorus is splendid and epic. It's a slightly somber track which you can feel throughout the composition. Overall, a very current track which draws you into the aesthetic of the Ep.

'Mouthes' is the second track of the collection. There's a more r'n b-like feel to this track, and I think, this is a continuation of the 'nevermind' story. The chorus is uplifting and inspiriting, reminding me slightly of 'HAIM' the LA band. Very rhythmic and very talented. 'Mouthes' wouldn't be out of place in a packed stadium. The captivating synth work is catchy and reverberating throughout the ensemble.

My favourite track of the EP, 'Carbon Copies', is the third monumental track of the set. I'm reminded of a lot of artists I like here, 'The Weeknd', 'Billie Eilish' and there's even a 'Lana Del Rey'-esqe vocal harmony happening. It catches you off guard as if you've been propelled into a colossal, pleasing and relaxed atmosphere. A fascinating song with huge potential. I imagine this track performed live would be all-powerful and mood lifting.

The fourth track, 'Cherry Bomb', is the subtitle title track. It all feels like we're whirling around and there's a hint that the collection could be drawing to a close. As this track seems like it could be involved in a movie drawing towards the final scene. The drum beat is tribal but non-intrusive. I can sense some Ed Sheeran influence which is very interesting from a female perspective, which is refreshing and exhilarating.

The finale of the EP, 'Posiedon', is a melancholy piano ballad with charming, adorable vocals. An adept outro to an entrancing journey. There are excellent controlled trills which magnetize your attention and zone you in. Enthralling metaphors and cultivated 'listenability'.

All in all, 'Cherries' is jam packed with catchy melodies, current sounds and impressive ear worms. Juliannas voice is clear and precise,her talent is pure, organic and shines through the fantastic production. There's an intelligence to 'Cherries' which could keep any listener captivated. There's enough dynamism within the EP to be played in a variety of environments, whether it's in your bedroom, a stadium, on a movie soundtrack or on your iPod whilst exercising. Check out Julianna Joy's website to pre-order the EP, you won't be dissapointed."

By Pretty Misery 12/2/2020

Asher Laub - Girls Like You (Maroon 5 violin cover)

"Next in line we have Asher Laub's cover of Maroon 5's hit 'Girls like you'. It's a violin cover, which is the twist, it's a feel good rendition with an assertive presence. It's a perfect piece to draw you into Ashers collection of songs. A gentle version of the song and the video is set in Las Vegas which is aesthetically pleasing. The violins warm tone is pleasantly at the forefront of the track and melody plays in your mind and takes you on its own adventure.

I enjoyed this version, you can tell Asher is an accomplished violinist. He plays his instrument with ease, as he chills you with spins and twirls along the way. An expressive performance all round. Asher could easily perform at weddings and corporate events, but I think, there is a contemporary vibe about this interpretation. There's an earthly atmosphere to the track, and joyful for people of all ages."

By Pretty Misery 12/2/2020

Ro$ewood Renegade - Knockin (2020)

Release date - 2020

Music link


"The newest single from Ro$ewood Renegade, 'Knockin', is a sui generis hip hop/rap track. It's an apocalyptic omen for the listener. Immediately keeping you vigilant and wired into its fascinating sector of sound. Ro$ewood Renegade's vocals invite you into his haunting and catchy melodies. His voice is refreshing and stimulating, his rap is right on point and his flair is pure and intelligent. The rhyming, accomplished and exclusive. The muscular bass, charismatic trap beats and warning-like melody make you feel transported into reverie.

The efficiency and intensity of 'Knockin' are authoritative. The sounds are quite contemporary but with a different spin. I imagine it could be compared to A$AP Rocky, or Machine Gun Kelly at parts, but I feel a lot more laid back and relaxed listening to 'Knockin'. I'm absorbed and hooked by its germane authenticity. Overall, a dazzling mysterious track with enormous potential. Ro$ewood Renegade’s new mixtape 'In My Own Lane', is available only from his website."


By Pretty Misery 5/2/2020

YT - Into the D.A.R.K.NESS (2020)

YT - Into the D.A.R.K.NESS (2020)

Release date - January 2020

Music link - Spotify


YT's website



"YT's newest release 'Into the D.A.R.K.NESS' is an interesting, introverted journey into its creator, YT's, vision. The opener track 'T-Rex' opens with a hypnotic-like piano score which draws you into the journey. YT then enters stage with his unique style which is eerie , sinister & imaginative. The vocal delivery is very dynamic within the album and we meet interesting characters along the way which all add to the collective story. 'Dark Deals' has magical properties and abstract melodies.

'Into the D.A.R.K.NESS' sounds like a classic rap album and a new one all at once. There's dark poetry all over it and swinging hooks and melodies which keep you alert but remain composed throughout. Striking, yet pleasing, sound effects which adds to the, mostly somber, vibe of the tracks. The album is very well produced by D.A.R.K. Productions & Studios. I feel, is much more direct and vibrant than YT's previous albums. A very clever album which could fit into a variety of scenarios. "

By Pretty Misery 30/1/2020


Oh Well - Insomnia (2019)

Release date - 2019

Music link - Spotify







"'Insomnia' the new Ep from Chicago's Oh Well starts off with 'Life is better online'. A restrained story which starts with pleasant sounding keys and then very abstractive drum patterns. Overlayed with some Matt Skiba-like vocals, some virtual double bass drumming and nice sequenced synth adds to the soundscape. 'Blindfolds off', the second track of the Ep, has a kind of baroque feel to it, but it's layered with rhythmic drum patterns and Donald Trump samples to portray the tracks directive. In 'Insomnia', I'm immediately drawn to the throbbing bassline and yet again, the dynamism of the percussion sounds. Obviously the chorus is catchy, and epic, as this is the title track of the Ep. The finale track 'Moving on' seems a mixture of neo chamber music and something modern and industrial. It's a well rounded end to a refreshing Ep.

Overall, 'Insomnia' is thought-provoking, sonally very intriguing, unusual & usual all at once. It's an outlandish testimony to insomnia and its sufferers. It's a progressive odyssey of twisted EDM music."

By Pretty Misery 30/1/2020


Darshae Kiér - Halasana Girl (2019)

Darshae Kiér - Halasana Girl (2019)

Release date - September 2019

Music links - Soundcloud







"Halasana Girl' is the latest single from Darshae Kiér. It starts off with a captivating light dub house melody which is instantly catchy and mood lifting. Darshae soon enters the picture, his vocals are alluring, appealing and smooth. His confidence broods throughout this mesmerizing reggaeton extravaganza. The vocal hooks are addictive and melodies are exquisite. The beat is cool and there's all sorts of charming, superb layering of instruments over it. 'Halasana Girl' gives a chilled ambiance that is both dance, listener & radio worthy.

Comparisons could be made to Ed Sheeran or Chris Brown, but I feel Darshae's music is much more organically joyful and much more measured. There's something magically intriguing and perplexing about the sultry vocal sound and delivery. I imagine I could hear this track when the sun is setting on a beach, on a summer day. A memorable tune with a happy light vibe. "

By Pretty Misery  30/1/2020

Digital $tone - Priceless Disturbance (EP 2011)

'Priceless Disturbance' starts off with a 60's beatles-esque time entwined track 'Sick'. 'Sick' is about Dan's stuggle with being sick of things around Liverpool (where the duo are from). 'Sick' ticks the boxes as an EP opener and sets a cool viral pop sound to start off the EP.

The 2nd track 'Sun is shining' reminds me of maybe Peter Gabriel, or Genesis. As I write this the sun is starting to shine outside so that is interesting, for myself.

'Dream Away', the third track on the EP, has always been my favourite. Words can't describe how good this track is. Best track on the cd by a mile. Reminds me of 'hooray for boobies' by the Bloodhound Gang crossed with Visage.

Up 4th is 'About you' and, I immediately begin to think of "about who"? this may be a romantic song and i'm having trouble in that area at the moment.

The final and conclusion of the EP is 'Dead End', i'm friends with the writers of this track so I know what the track is about so ask them. To me, it's verse after verse after verse after verse, and reminds me of a movie flick of the same title by Jean Baptise-Andrea (excellent film!).

by Pretty Misery 28/3/2018 (c)



RaR - Darkness (ft. Elizabeth Robinson)

RaR - Darkness (ft. Elizabeth Robinson)


Release date - November 2017

Music link -

Website -


"RaR is an EDM collective based in Austrailia. Their release 'Darkness' starts off with a neo-soul feel, the tenacious, powerful vocals from guest vocalist Elizabeth Robinson compliment this ambient piano which zones your attention into this mesmerising piece of musical craftsmanship. Then I was given a feel good hit of nostalia as a "True love never  dies"-like energy resonated through my body.

The energy and intent is captured perfectly as several build ups are arranged in an exciting attention holding maze of enjoyment. 'Darkness' hits areas of 80's synth pop and more recently gives a fresh interpretation on the attraction that La Roux demonstrated a while back. It makes me want to visit hot clubland beaches and drink fresh drinks after dancing to the track the night before in a different enviroment. In essense, 'Darkness' ticks alot of boxes and is far more ethereal and enigmatic than a regular EDM track.  "


- Review by Pretty Misery  1/1/2018

JDR - Only U

JDR - Only U

Release Date - 16/11/2017

Music Video -

Facebook -


"'Only U' is the infectious latino-fused pop/dance album from JDR. There's essences of early The Weeknd here and a cool laid back Chris Brown kind of vibe. The production and instrumentation sounds top dollar and is up there with Calvin Harris. I imagine 'Only U' being played on popular music stations everywhere and bringing a different kind of party to the table.

The bossa-nova beat is addictive and use of rhythmic options is excellent. It's a song I think children will love and would be a "get to the dance floor" number at a club. There's a nostalgic element to this track which takes me back to what Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith were doing in the late 90's.


Derrick & Joshuas vocals really compliment each other. The tones of both are their vocals are smooth and the parts they each sing compliment their voices."


- Review by Pretty Misery 1/1/2018

Collegians - Back Mass

Collegians - Black Mass

Release Date - 17/11/2017

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'Black Mass' by Collegians is a trance inducing, neo - dark wave anthem. At the same time its techno, has dance-ability and it's pretty alternative. There is an essense of Depeche Mode and Garbage but Collegians are a more evolved version. At the same time they if you like what Twenty One Pilots are doing you will definately be into this

track. I see a vision of a collaboration with Pink for some reason. Collegians Austrailian authenticity definately Collegians more unique and new. A dark pop piece which will stick in your head for days and give you a good mood. "

by Pretty Misery  1/1/2018

Jet Rodriguez - Live at RV Audio Lab

"A cleancut performance from an interesting singer-songwriter, Jet Rodriguez. This performance consists of 2 tracks "Self Preservation" and "Forever is a long time". Jet is a self confirmed Elliott Smith fan, he reminds me of a cross of Elliott and Sean Ono Lennon. Check him out!"

Facebook :
Bandcamp :

TV ME - Peppercorn Boy